🗣 You Ask: As a white person, how do I create change without overstepping?

How do white people make sure that the work they are creating is truly representative without giving Black people more work to do? I have had this challenge before and created a research group with Black colleagues but it felt like (a) I was giving them the work to do to tell me that I was doing it right and (b) that some of them might feel like it was difficult to tell me when the way I was going about things wasn’t right.

– Hustle Crew Member

Hi! Abadesi here. I would urge you to do the impactful work of sparking conversations with other white people about white privilege and how you can use that privilege to challenge stereotypes about Black people wherever you see them, from sports to the news to social media and even the world of entertainment. The best place to start social justice work is within ourselves and within our direct communities. White people can fight racism by spending time with other white people talking about structural oppression, bias and white privilege.

For example – here in London where I live I’d love to hear stories about white folks contacting LBC radio station, the Daily Mail and other established platforms that perpetuate white supremacy alongside racist stereotypes. There’s far more immediate impact to be had there through white people speaking to other white people, than white people engaging with Black grassroots movements.

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