How do I access my members’ resources?

All members’ resources go out (i) via weekly newsletter, then (ii) are added to our members’ site. Please check your spam folder if you haven’t received our weekly newsletter yet. They are issued every Monday afternoon.

I’m interested in memberships for my company/team. How does this work?

Our memberships are designed one per person or per inclusion ambassador. Each membership buys one place at a monthly members’ workshop. We’re unable to discount our memberships for entire teams or companies as they are already priced to be most accessible for our community.

Why can’t I log in?

Check your browser’s security settings. Our membership software won’t work if you’ve disabled 3rd-party cookies. Either change your settings or use another browser.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to your account and toggle auto-renew off from the Subscriptions tab.

Can I switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan?

Yes. Click Change plan from the Subscriptions tab in your account. You’ll be switched to the new plan immediately and charged a prorated amount.

Can I update my email address or other personal information?

Yes. Log in to your account to make these changes.

Can I update my credit card?

Yes. Log in to your account, add the new card and click Update my credit card

How do I reset my password?

Click this link, enter your email address, and then click send me reset instructions. To ensure the reset process is secure:

  • Password reset links automatically expire after 48 hours.
  • Password reset links can only be used once. If you click the link, and reset your password, the link becomes invalid.
  • If the link becomes invalid, delete the old reset email and start with a fresh password reset.

Can I gift a subscription?

Absolutely! For gift memberships, use this link to purchase a one-month gift membership, this link to purchase a one-year gift membership, and this link to purchase a one-time gift membership.

You will be prompted to enter the gift recipient’s name and email address, the delivery date, a personalised message, and your payment information. The gift recipient will receive an email with a link to activate their gift.

If the gift recipient would like to continue their membership, they will be responsible for adding a payment method before the next renewal period.