How to be a better ally: anti-Asian hate crimes

It’s been a sombre seven days in the states this week due to the horrific Atlanta spa shooting that took the lives of eight people – six of whom were Asian women. 

The shootings have prompted a wave of outrage, grief and questions surrounding the topic of violence against Asian-American people, and why the subject has been kept quiet and out of the public eye.  According to the London Metropolitan Police, “more than 200 incidents of hate crime against people of East Asian appearance happened between June and September 2020 — a 96% increase compared to the same period a year ago.” In New York and LA, it was reported that the anti-Asian hate crime rate went up by 150%. Many believe this is down to the covid 19 pandemic, as the virus originated from Wuhan, China but also attributed to Trumps administration and his use of racial terms such as the “China virus”.

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